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International Online Music Competition

Young talent · Professional · Amateur · School class

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December 19th 2021 - February 23th 2022

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A big thank to our Jury and our Sponsors & Partner!  Our international Jury has selected the most creative award winners from the participants. In the Category Performer from the numerous participants from 24 countries. Congrats to our AWARD Winner!

Main Prize Winner: 2 x exclusive Video shootings in the professional ERNArecording studio with highest picture and sound quality
goes to - Javus Quartet and Elaia Quartet -.
The date of the Concerts / Masterclass / Social Media Promotion from the invited Winners will be announced later.

IMPULS AWARD Winner Inclusion: the Nomination goes to - @valentinairlando -, the wonderful celist,
for her forher role model by her motto “never give up”

Next ZUKUNFTSKLANG Festival Concerts and Academy (Masterclass): www.zukunftsklang.de
Next ZUKUNFTSKLANG AWARD Edition 2023: Application end of 2022

Award Winner

Award Winner

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AWARD Winner Piano
Young talent

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AWARD Winner Piano

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AWARD Winner Piano

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AWARD Winner String quartet Professional

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AWARD Winner

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AWARD Winner




Total prizes worth € 10.000 or $ 11.000
(incl. cash prizes & benefiz & vouchers)

PERFORMER (Piano - String quartet)
PUBLICIST (Writing about music)
PRODUCER (Videoclip)

All participants and teachers receive a diploma!

Get one of the creative prizes!

Selected prize winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
all Categories will receive one of the prizes
(see FAQs: a benefit, a vouchers or cash prize)

- cash prize
- Social-Media Interview/Promotion
- School class winners will receive a cash prize
for their class treasury

- cash prize
- 10 x Social-Media Interview/Promotion
- 10 x Concert opportunities
at the next ZUKUNFTSKLANG Festival
(live or online, depending on the pandemic. The invited Concert winners get 50% of the Concert revenues.)
- 6 x 60 minutes free Masterclass
at the next ZUKUNFTSKLANG Masterclass
(live or online - depending on the pandemic)
- 2 x exclusive Video shootings in the professional ERNA recording studio with highest picture and sound quality
(Main Prize for Professional Pianists and String quartet)

- vouchers:
- 5 x 500 € grants to develop  professional artists
Websites from Dreher Media
- Henle sheet music (for Young Talent Pianists and String Quartet and for String quartet Amateur)
- Henle Library-App 50 Credit points (for all Participants)
- Henle Goody bags (for Young Talent Pianists and String quartet)
- 10 x annual licenses from ERNA-the app
- 20 € from Paganino (for all String Participants)
- 10 x Steinway & Sons Goody bags (for Pianists)

Winners announcement

Age Categories

Young Talent
up to 10 years
up to 15 years
up to 17 years

from 18 to all Ages

all Ages

School class

No travel requirements,
Online competition via Video Selection

Instrumental solo
Chamber music
€ 60 or $ 68

PUBLICIST (Writing about music)
PRODUCER (Videoclip)
€ 60 or $ 68

Registration in more than one category possible:
Registration fee per each additional category 
€ 25 or $ 28



Creative participation as

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Instrumental solo - Piano

Chamber Music - String Quartet

Registration without Google Account
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Writing about music

Registration without Google Account
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Music Videoclip

Registration without Google Account

Transaction Information

via PayPal.me/zukunftsklangstr
via Festival Konto
IBAN: DE52 6005 0101 7006 0002 72



Sontraud Speidel

Steinway Artist, Pianist, Professor University of Music Karlsruhe, Opus Klassik Award, Recording Artist, Artistic Director: "Musikforum Hohenwettersbach", "Klassik im Schloss" of the Kulturfonds Baden e.V., "PIANO-PODIUM Karlsruhe e. V." • www.sontraud-speidel.de

Sven Fröhlich

Steinway Retail Deutschland GmbH, Manager Steinway & Sons Stuttgart • www.eu.steinway.com

Tian Jiang

Steinway Artist, International Concert Pianist,  Composer, Recording Artist, Ceo  Tian Music Production, „Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award“ San Francisco Conservatory of Music or outstanding cultural exchange commitment • www.tianmusic.com

Carolin Danner

Pianist, Dozent at Leopold Mozart Center of the University of Augsburg, Recording Artist, Artistic Director "Schlosskonzerte Blutenburg" • www.carolin-danner.de

Eugenia Ottaviano • Alinde Quartet

Eugenia Ottaviano - Alinde Quartet, multiple prize-winning quartet, recording artist, complete recording of Schubert's string quartets, Academy Director • www.bieler-akademie.de • www.alindequartett.com

Aloisia Dauer

Solo / orchestra and ensemble violinist, BR-Klassik award "Bavaria's most popular music teacher", Dozent at Music school Grünwald, violin consultant for Bavarian music schools, founder of the educational platform • www.yourmusicmind.comy

Aris Quartet

Multiple award winning quartet, Jürgen Ponto Foundation, Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award, Recording Artist • www.arisquartett.de

Martin Funda • Armida Quartet

Multiple prize-winning quartet, Recording artist, complete recording of Mozart's string quartets, curator Henle Library App, Professor at HMDK Stuttgart • www.martin-funda.com • www.armidaquartett.com

Nicole Köster

Editor, Television and Radio presenter, Dozent at SWR, HMDK Stuttgart, Hochschule der Medien, among others

Dr. Ulla Zierau

Editor, Presenter, author for SWR2 "Musikstunde", SWR2 "Treffpunkt Klassik", SWR2 "am Morgen", among others

Christian Schega

Filmmaker, Producer, Event technician, Dozent Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg • www.christianschega.de • www.calimedia.de

Tonion • Tim Binder

Cellist, Composer, Music producer (classical, jazz, hip-hop), co-founder record label The Plant Hotel, Influencer (7 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, over 800,000 monthly listeners) • @tonionmusic

Nikolaus Halfmann

Managing Director Kreativ ERNANI GmbH, Saxophonist, Composer, Pedagogue • www.nikolaushalfmann.de • www.ernani.eu

Anna Sutyagina

Pianist, Videoclip performing, Recording music criticism • www.movingclassics.tv • www.anna-sutyagina.com • www.fiverr.com

Moritz Winkelmann

Prize Winner at International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, Recording Artist, Professor at University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim, Dozent at HMDK Stuttgart and Konservatorium Bern, Artistic Director „Klassik im Klösterle“ • www.moritzwinkelmann.com

Ingmar Lazar

Steinway Artist, Pianist, Recording Artist, Artistic Director: of „Festival du Bruit qui Pense“, „Piano Festival Escapades“ • www.ingmarlazar.com

ZUKUNFTSKLANG • Maximilian Schairer

Artistic Director "ZUKUNFTSKLANG Stuttgart", Young Steinway Artist, Concert Pianist, Recording Artist • www.zukunftsklang.de • www.maximilianschairer.de

Sponsors & Partner

Sponsors & Partner

gvl-Neustart Kultur-1
gvl-Neustart Kultur-2





What happens in case of contest cancellation?
Cancellation by participant: 50% refund of registration fee.

Cancellation by the organizer: full refund of the registration fee. The organizer has the right to cancel the contest.

When and how do I pay the registration fee?

At the same time as registration. Please indicate with subject: name, first name, category (performer, publicist, producer), e-mail address

When will I receive my confirmation of participation?

At the latest 8 days after receipt of the registration form.

How and when will PUBLICIST and PRODUCER receive their workshops?

Receipt of the online link and the Word document script no later than 8 days after receipt of the registration form.

When will I receive my benefit prizes if I win an award?

Award prizes will be emailed to winners no later than 8 days after award winner announcement. The invited Concert winners get 50% of the Concert revenues.

The invited live Concert/Masterclass/Video shooting winners are responsible for their own accommodation and travel expenses. The date of the Concert/Masterclass/Video shooting will be announced later.

What are the Jury criteria? Jury evaluation (points awarded according to international regulations) 25 points system

The jury evaluates all full-length submissions with respect to the respective time limits of the individual categories.  The jury has the right not to award any prizes.

The jury has the right to award several equal places (ex aqueo). 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize winner will receive one of the prizes. Equal place winners will each receive the same prizes. The prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the jury. Comment: the selected award winners will receive either a benefit, a vouchers or cash prize. The prizes can not be assigned to the places in detail because for example, if a prize winner already has his own website, he will not receive a website voucher.

The prizes will be awarded to the winners according to their individual value depending on the respective ranking. School class winners receive a Social-Media Interview and a cash prize for their class treasury. The organizer has the right to modify the prizes and benefits even in case of changes by the cooperation partners.

Pupils, students of jury members are not allowed to participate. Exceeding the time limit of the given program will be disqualified.
PUBLICIST and PRODUCER:  Fair play: moral violation, bullying, insult, racism will be disqualified.

Organizer and jury decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

What are the other conditions of participation?
By registering, participants agree to the conditions of participation. The participants are responsible for ensuring that the rights of third parties are not infringed and, in the event of an infringement, indemnify the organizer against all justified claims by third parties on first demand (including any legal costs). Participation is at the participant‘s own risk. The participants are liable for any damage caused by themselves. Liability on the part of the organizer is excluded. The organizer receives all rights of use/copyrights on photo, video as well as sound recordings, which are made during the courses. The organizer is allowed to use the pictures and sound recordings made in connection with the course for advertising purposes. This also includes: The reproduction right, i.e. the rightto reproduce the video in whole or in part and to fix it on carriers of any kind. The online right, i.e. the right to exploit the video within the framework of online applications of any kind and to make it accessible to any number of users. This includes in particular the right to feed (upload), store and distribute the video inwhole or in part in databases or networks

(e.g. internet), in particular by way of downloading or streaming. The right of lecture, performance and presentation. The right of reproduction by means of image or sound carriers. The ”sync right“, i.e. the right to use the video for the production of an audiovisual/multimedia work combination, e.g. an advertising film. The right to use for advertising, marketing and merchandising purposes. Participants and lecturers agree with their participation to a publication of image and sound.

Data protection By registering, the participants agree that the organizer may use the personal Data for the purpose of the master classes. The organizer will use your data accordingto the data protection regulations and only for sending information about the ZUKUNFTSKLANG activities. The data will be shared only for the prizes and benefits of the cooperation partner vouchers. This voluntary consent can be revoked at any time by email.

Infos . Questions www.zukunftsklang-award.com . info@zukunftsklang-award.com
Organizer www.zukunftsklang.de . info@zukunftsklang.de

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